Tuesday, May 24, 2005

People's Champ

tighte. i'm pretty pumped for this paul wall people's champ august release. check out swishahouse.biz, skip the shitty intro (more on that in a bit), and click on the paul wall album ... then click the play link for sittin' sideways. say what you will ... i'm thinking paul wall is pretty slick right now (fuck yo'life JIC).

listen to the bass tear on this song ... it's not something you hear too much in rap/blazinhiphoprnb ... sounds like something you'd hear in some old jump-up jungle/drum and bass shit ... and the muted guitar is pretty stellar. i'm looking forward to gettin' this shit in my car. i'm almost thinking about pickin' this up on 12" if it's available. droppin some d+b on top of that would be amazing.

ok. on to the swishahouse intro. what's with the poor-man's Grand Theft Auto graphics. man that shit is horrawful.



Blogger buu said...

i like that intro fuck yall.

4:12 PM  

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