Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bats, The Demon's Head, Choons

Two weeks to the Batman Begins premier. Started thinking about it today after I heard the new Virus Syndicate The Work Related Illness ... Manchester's (and arguably England's) finest "Two-step" Grime camp ... JSD, Nika D, and Goldfinger droppin' science, with Mark-One on production ... Anyway, this album is super tite production wise ... If you're into shit like Roll Deep, Kano, Dizee, etc, I highly recommend this whole album.

I nearly shat myself when I heard Taxman, featuring a brilliantly sampled Batman theme. Also, grab Girls while you're at it. A fine little slice of minimal "dirty dub" ...

Virus Syndicate - Taxman

Virus Syndicate - Girls

Speaking of two-step if you never got introduced to the real Ms. Dynamite, I suggest you download her debut track Boo! feat. Sticky on the beats ... Why she went all BlazinRnB on our asses, I'll never know, nor care (if you can get past the awful So Solid garbage, she's pretty sweet):

Sticky feat. Dynamite - Boo!

So, back to Batman. How tight is the casting in this movie. Replace Katie Holmes and I would be fucking set as fuck. I am honestly almost as excited for this as SW III .. At least the acting will be better (Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Ken Watanabe) .. Seriously, how really good is Ken Watanabe.

You may remember him as Katsumoto in The Last Samurai (fuck you, Cruise; it's a good thing you had Ken, or this movie would've completely sucked). He's going to make a great Ra's Al Guhl .. I have high hopes for this movie. No more Schumacher!

Now on to some tune selections. I'm going back a few years today (actually in one case, quite a few). But firstly, I'd like to share some artists (on a true hip-hop tip) that may be obvious already to many, but I have recently discovered.

Murs - 3:16

Guess this dude used to be pretty much on the underground (what is now referred to as "backpack" hip hop thanks to Kanye's Mark ass (yes, I said Mark)) tip, but this is pretty straightforward storytelling shit ... but pretty humourous ("more Coldplay than I am Ice T") overall, lyrically, it's super tight. Nice to see west coast meet midwest/east coast stlyes blending.

The Grouch - Nothing's Changed

This guy is sick and the song is super crafty. Off the album Fuck the Dumb; 1998:

My ability to seperate the yes and no's from the maybe-so's
Therefore I see reality
One way or another I'ma shape that, give or take a calorie
until my salary is truly touched
Fiends for my cuts like I fiend for the guts
when I'm up never limp
Forever pimp my lyrics that's "en truta"
Set that line in stone cause I got it from Medusa

So, here's my trip back through time post. I felt like reposting this because I find it amazing that it ever happened:

so, I'm going through hammer's back catelogue, and I find a track called "break em' off something" which apparently is a tribe called quest "diss" track.

I had never heard it before (it samples "more bounce to the ounce" by zapp and roger [one of the best tracks of all time]) and honestly, it is hilarious. Whatever gave Hammer the idea that he was as good a Qtip or even Phife..I have no idea (I think Hammer was a joke by this point; perhaps why this track never got heard by the likes of YT). but here's some lyrical samplings:

Make em shiver, Q-tip couldn't flow if he was a river
And me, I'm sellin milli like runnin the mill
And like Big Daddy Kane "I Wonder How You Gotta Record Deal"
Well everyday too make hits, you ain't got it
Til this day you never ? never had it
For me I tend to kick it like a partner
And must I remind you I'm the funky headhunter
I understand u bout as man as Rupaul
I come on your block and move you out like a U-Haul
So step right up and be the next contestant
A Tribe Called Quest Is A Bad Investment
I'm breakin em off with somethin' proper!

And check out the cameos on this track:

(Suge Knight)
You all about as real as yo gel fro
For you we had know use
So we gone execute you like Death Row.

You punk you trick I like the way u say Daddy Hammer's name
I like it! I like it! I like it! You punk tricks!

And then this takes the cake:
Man what about Run D. M. C.
Too Old For the hoe stroll!

Ha ha ha. Can't Touch This, Run.

And just to be different, here's the club remix of Angel's and Fly; it's pretty tough - I have a soft spot for british female mc's (even if they suck):

High Contrast (feat. Nolay) - Angels and Fly

Tracks are usually up for a week on yousendit .. let me know after that and I'll get em to ya.

(FYL - tight boys from way back when)

how tight is a FYL brownie cake. Thanks Kels.


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I love Watanabe. When I saw him in a trailer, I lost it. I think this movie is looking better and better (unlike the Fantastic Four. Only Jessica Alba looks good there.)

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