Monday, September 12, 2005


surfing this evening...found this little project using a C++ algorithm to analyze graffiti strokes. kinda neat. though check out the other projects in the dropdown and check out "explicit content only" which is the entire "straight outta compton" album stripped of all but the profanity. the title track is pretty amazing so is "8ball" and "fuck the police" is naturally, crazy. couldn't stop laughing: "fuckinniggafagsnigganutzmuthafuckanigga..."


Blogger buu said...

that projected graffiti reminds me of when wes, nick fecteau, justin acree and myself were talking about, well, projecting graffiti and faust somehow talked us out of it. that nwa "explicit only" shit is amazing though. "shitfucknigga...daaaamn that shit was dope"

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