Thursday, September 29, 2005


Just thought I'd throw up this track from The Lab Rats, two white dudes from Columbus. As far as white guy hip-hop goes, it's not bad; in fact, it's good. actual instrumentation! crazy! they actually play guitars (there's a good minute of just guitars and bass at the end that's pretty nice)... the lyrics seem really relaxed, just funky stuff; pretty creative and positive, which I like as a direct opposite to three 6 which I've been listening to all week. I'd never heard it before ... guess they were in Cleveland last week. It's pretty nerdy, eminiem foilish. I like it though, fuck you. Here's ritilin off their 2004 ep. They have more mp3s on their site. How amazing is that cover art?


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Blogger bboy said...

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Blogger buu said...

marshall mathers esque yes, but not as annoyingly nasal and the beat helps. a nice listen while eating some chowder and watching the leaves fall on the porch of your grandfather's porch.

4:58 PM  
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