Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kind of chickery candy paint and chrome twanks (North North)

Three 6 Mafia - Most Known Unknown

To start, there's quite a bit of Three 6 "Filler" on this ... you know: "ni-ni-nine to yo' dome ho' whacha-whacha gonna do bitch? (repeat x100)" type stuff ... but this is a much more listenable album than that of their average fare. I'd say half of it sounds like the new soulful, upbeat sound they dropped with Stay Fly and the other half sounds like Juicy's underground mix tape series; there's something for everyone. First off, you got Stay Fly and the Remix which as everyone knows by now is the best track of '05, easy. If you want the good tracks, Knock the Black Off Yo' Ass which starts with a collect call from Project Pat (by now you know that whenever Pat records an album, he goes to jail) and features a "North north" chant. Poppin' My Collar is another track closer to the new style with some gospel chants and low horns. There's also a Half on a sack version, which I believe is the 1,430th version of that song? Swervin' feat. Mike Jones is really disappointing. Pussy Got Cha Hooked (new style) is amazing; a nice slow creeper with some sick strings. Lyrics, naturally: "Pussy got cha hooked...hell nahw!" Don't Get Cha Mad is probably the second single (featuring Lil' Flip) ... just check this shit if you want to know. The only really annoying track is Let's plan a robbery ... otherwise, this is an instant classic and a great end of the summer album (if not for Stay Fly alone). Plus you know Paul and the Juice beats hit hard as fuck. Can't wait to pop my trunk. laterz.


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i just went out for a drive at lunch ... had to hear it in the car ... shit's tight. so was chipotle. my boss wasn't too into it, but he like ryan adams and natalie merchant ... F his L.

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