Monday, September 26, 2005

la semaine trois: dale yeah.

Bengals (3-0) on the front page of - Shannon Sharpe doesn't think they are "tight" yet. Ok, ok. It's still early in the season - but the Cincinnati kids are off to a record breaking start; the best since 1990. Palmer is looking very solid, avoiding any turnovers to a stingy Chicago defense (Chicago looked amazing against the run). Orton had as rough a day as Culpepper, getting picked 5 times (a snatch by 5 different Bengals), including interception number (I think maybe even 4) 3 for Deltha O'neal; who if he has his way, will be ahead of Ray "Where's my Knife" Lewis for Defensive player of the year. Chad Johnson checked "no" next to Nate Vasher (seriously, did you see that play? The Vash got worked like a little bitch.) off of his "who's gonna cover 85 in '05" list but continued to cramp up during the game:

Chad Johnson, jealous of Chris Henry's first career receiving touchdown

"I drank a gallon of water yesterday and eight Gatorades today and a half a gallon of water...I swear, I didn’t eat McDonald’s all last week."

Another memorable CJ quote: Johnson dropped and gave the crowd a couple of pushups after the second touchdown because, "I had to pump myself up before I flexed." Anyway, I'm getting pretty excited, but not too much 'cause there's plenty of season left (all I want is a winning season; playoffs would be icing). They still really haven't played any great teams (though I think Chicago easily still can get a playoff spot) so they gotta "keep on keepin' on." Sorry, Cincinnati keeps getting more "Southern" every time I go there. In fact, I caught wind of some old friends using the term "Dale yeah" (try that in a nice "Cincitucky" accent) instead of "hell yeah" (in reference to Dale Ernhardt, naturellement). What the hell.

Some comments - round the league:

New England 23, Pittsburgh 20. Dale fuckin' yeah. Pittsburgh drops a game to 'Nati. Ben R. is looking a little bit rough as haters predicted. You can't sleep on that guy though; he'll be back. Hines Ward doesn't nearly get as much press as he deserves.

Jacksonville 26, N.Y. Jets 20 (OT): Jets are gonna be hurting with Pennington's injury and I think Fiedler was injured as well.

Miami 27, Carolina 24: God, I hate the Dolphins. This is not the way to start a Super Bowl season for Carolina.

Indianapolis 13, Cleveland 6: I though Clevo had a strong outing. Edgerrin James is a little too tough for that defense. Plus, shit - nice pass protection - 4 sacks! Dilfer is a pretty solid QB, but he needs better protection than they're giving him. Plus, how many returns have been called back on penalties so far this year?? Seriously. Not very smart game play.

Minnesota 33, New Orleans 16: You gotta feel bad for the Saints, but this is pretty normal play for them ... plus, I think they are sorta fed up (from what I've read) with the "oh, we feel so sorry for you..." thing. Fact is, this is their job - they get paid shitloads to do this. They're just playing the way they have been for years. Badly. When I see "the Saints defense found itself on the receiving end of two weeks of built-up frustrations" - that's BS to me. The Saints secondary isn't sad, they just aren't playmakers.

Seattle 37, Arizona 12: Yup, Arizona still sucks.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:22 AM  
Blogger bboy said...

wow, comment bots are getting lazy.

9:38 AM  
Blogger buu said...

that tiger has man arms.

12:54 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

word can i just mention that on chad's list for week one he had gary baxter listed and checked and that dude was injured and didn't appear in the would think if he can afford the grill he can also afford some dude to use ms word and retype his shitty list...what a bengal...

12:08 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

but i will also give you that the bengals do look good this year. now they just need to utilize chris perry.

12:09 AM  

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