Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Take him to Detroit!"

Kings Piss Off Pistons

Apparently at a recent Kings/Pistons game in Sacramento, some doof thought it would be a good idea to make a montage of shitty burnt out cars and ghettos to play on the scoreboard while Detroit was being introduced.
Now that dude probably doesnt have a job and the Kings are issuing an official apology to the entire city of Detroit.
What was this guy thinking? "This will be hilarious and it won't offend anybody." Maybe he was trying to get fired a la George doing donuts with the World Series trophy tied to the back of his car in front of Yankee stadium. It brought to mind the incident in Utah where they thought it would be a good idea to make a mockery of Karl Malone by black facing some dude (I think it was the owner to be quite honest) and talking in a really exagerrated Karl Malone Southern black guy accent. Naturally, Karl was pissed.
These gems coupled with the awesome "African Americans are really fast" and "brain dead Caribbeans" comments of the past year have really made for a great period in insensitivity.
But hey, when I searched "Detroit" on Google image search, that police beating picture was the 2nd image that popped up. And have you actually been to Detroit?
Actually, its not that bad.
In the end, the Pistons detroyed the Kings, and the Pistons players didnt even see the footage. However, after the trashing and being told about the video, Rasheed Wallace said, "Don't tread on D".
Good old Rasheed.

While perusing today, I came across this article about how Master P is making what one can only assume is his own Koch records. It also mentions his son Lil Romeo's up and coming group The Rich Boys, which consists of little brothers and cousins and what is possibly the most unoriginal group of names I've ever read: Young V (his real name being Vercy for Christ's sake), C-Los, Big Doug and Lil' D. Then there's this article about Snoop's next business venture: hot dogs.

Lastly, Muhammad Ali recently received a Medal Of Freedom from President George W. Bush. Upon shaking the president's hand, Ali made the "cuckoo sign". Gorillamask said it best: Still can't fuck with the champ.
Video courtesy of
Fuck That Life.


Blogger bboy said...

I've said it before man ... Californians are just on another wavelength. I think it's a combination of idiocy and money coupled with strong weed (I haven't smoked weed in a long time; shit is crazy out there now). They really have a thinned out version of reality ... California would be great if it weren't for the residents.

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12:05 AM  
Blogger bboy said...

Looked like Greenspan was reaching for a gun in his jacket in that clip.

12:08 AM  
Blogger bboy said...

I think what ali was saying was

"can ya hear me in da back?
I said I'll flip ya,
flip ya fa real"

12:10 AM  

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