Thursday, December 29, 2005


So, you've probably heard by now that the new Bad Boy album "featuring" a post-mortem Biggie Smalls and numerous guest artists is just about the worst album to be ever made. Critics are slamming it; P. Douchebag's grieving is officially out of hand. Duets: [Please God, Let it be the] Final Chapter contains some of the worst beat production I've heard as of late (well, it is bad boy, can't expect much). Anyway, it's garbage ...

I was reminded of this after my lady sent me a transript from the NPR Fresh Air show featuring a Bill Mahar "white-guy" lyrics translation of the I'm F*$king You Tonight BIG and R Kelly classic:

"Tonight we won't be dining, we'll just be having intercourse.

Surely you'll appreciate my stamina and the fact that I own a late model European Sports Sedan.

If you shifted position, you would have a better view of our intercourse, I appreciate it when we have intercourse with increased vigor and velocity.

Tonight we won't be dining, we'll just be having intercourse."


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