Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Music + Sports =

Heard this T.O. rap this morning (his poor-man's "dis" against the eagles). It's so bad, I almost expected his verse to start out "My name is Terrel and I'm here to say ... " But no, he's just sounding like Geezy ("I'm baaaaaa~ck") Anyway, it's on the home page of "his" website. Enjoy a good laugh. Him and Duane Clemons need to do a video together. Terrible. T.O. is also "writing" a book. How long do you give Parcells before he stabs him?

In other shitty music/sports news, I heard this morning that Carlos Boozer is suing Prince for damages to his home. He was renting his house to Prince for like 30k a month. Apparently (if this is true ... and I hope to god it is), Prince painted the house with purple stripes, painted logos for his new album, installed purple carpet, and ran plumbing to the basement for a "makeup room" ... please, please be true.

Also, heard Three-Six is getting a little out of hand with the Oscar win. And by "out of hand" I mean "hilarious" ... they now carry the trophy with them to clubs and if they need to get into a club they just pull the little guy out. I mean congratulations and all, gentlemen, but let's go back and look at the competition here .. Dolly Parton. 3-6 over DP? That's a lock.


Blogger buu said...

yeah i heard three 6 showed up to a restaurant with oscar in a brown paper bag and used it to get a table.
and i sincerely hope "c-booz" came home as prince was walking out and was like "WHAT THE" and it went down chappelle's show style.
"you and your flunkies...versus me and the revolution"

3:11 PM  

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