Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I always get these dudes confused...

Rider's Block Part.... Posted by Hello

J.R. Writer - Mezmerize

J.R. Writer - Cold As Ice

So it's been about a week and y'all know it's about time for some Diplomat shit up in here. I've got this Jr Writer mixtape Writer's Block II laying around and I know it's been out for a minute but what can I say. The second half of this joint is actually compellably listenable and these are two of the best cuts. The first song Mezmerize is just one of those breezy feel-good summer beats with Jr flowing maxed and relaxed. Hope this is the shit Jim Jones is talking about for his summer heat Harlem: Diary of the Summer where dude is stating some "I pretty much surprised myself on this one." Not the first to mention this, but it's pretty shitty when you are the Head of Black Music at Warner Bros. and you are surprising yourself on some summer rap shit. Oh well. The other song is along the same lines so no surprises, just classic dipset fun from one of the youngest ups.

Other dips: watch the Cam'ron/Kanye West "Down and Out" video here.

New summer beverages? Been spotting these around for a min and wow, shit is overwhelming. Only thing to say is "Strap on your muthafuckin Evil Eye!"

Finally word is that Kansas City rapper Fat Tone who's suspect in Mac Dre's murder a while back was just killed in Vegas. Kansas City vs San Fran beef? I never knew it got that real.


Blogger buu said...

havent listened to that jr writer yet...still eagerly awaiting that new hell rell...and only drink evil eye (ojo malo) if you feel like getting buck wild. it tastes like puke but shit gets you drunk. as i concluded, this must be what bums drink because about half way through it i start slurring my speech and getting all smiley. im pretty sure i asked OG Rin for some change. not for the weak.

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