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the dayz of their livez - revised 05/29/05

With the debacle that was the Bizzy Bone interview courtesy of and the stories of Bone brothaz fighting, I felt inclined to share some shit I've seen and heard about Eazy's wandering sons...because nobody asked.
A week or two prior to the Bizzy interview when he was in Houston, I had a similar experience with Bizzy that I tried over and over again to explain/tell/act out for people but I never thought I gave it justice. Thankfully, shortly after my encounter with Bizzy (I noticed that I'm talking about him as if he was a UFO or maybe a ghost) that clip of his interview was posted and people actually got to hear some what I was talking about. The following is the blog entry I posted minutes after meeting Bizzy, so it's pretty real, like the Dead Sea Scrolls or something.

March 30, 2005: today bizzy bone blew my mind.
i met bizzy bone today and heres pretty much how it went:
"hey bizzy, i just wanted to tell you that im a big fan of your music and its a pleasure meeting you""aw no man, its my pleasure meeting you tellin you...this world is made of mountains clouds water and stars and we're living between seconds no milliseconds and its all about whats here (points to head) and here (points to heart) and the rest of this (gestures towards rest of his body) will just burn away ya dig because theres only one true god and the circuits that run through the world are popping at all times and we're living inbetween seconds but you cant just accept all the information at once youve gotta study it youve gotta learn it and the information will break open the earth that is your head and the water will wash away whats blocking the stars ya dig because the mountains were put on earth to keep everything going and we're living inbetween seconds and a lot of other people dont realize that because its poppin pop pop pop pop and you can have a baby but that baby might have a cleft lip and you gotta sew that back up because you want that baby to live and that baby might be your thoughts because mountains were put here to keep the earth together but that earth will break open and youll be living inbetween seconds and milliseconds and the water will wash away all that ya dig?"
"for real man...for real..."
thats not even the half of it. thats just what i could remember. he honestly gave a 10 minute sermon on spirituality and the like. jc and myself just sat there in a mixture of awe and stupor. i had a silly smile on my face half the time that im sure looked like a "come on, hit me" smile, but it was only because i didnt know what else to do. then when he left the room i told some friends through IM what had just happened and then i heard him rambling again. i walked into the other room where all i caught was"it'll give you a big bear hug...and bears eat salmon...and we're fishermen...fisherMEN"

Following this Bizzy then made a surprise appearance at a Cleveland club during a wet t-shirt contest (he just got on stage and started freestyling for like 20 minutes) and then made his way down South where he gave the previously mentioned radio interview and a show or two. Bizzy was due back in Cleveland April 11th (?) for a show. Only problem was that we received news that Bizzy was stuck in Houston with no money and I guess living in a homeless shelter (which he had talked about in his radio interview, saying that real people are at homeless shelters and bus stations because nobody judges you there). So a small rescue team was sent from Cleveland to Houston to find Bizzy and bring him back. Said team, consisting of a couple notable local Cleveland rappers, left Friday afternoon and returned Monday afternoon. Apparently Bizzy was in a hotel and he had a couple bucks on him, so it wasn't too bad...After dropping Bizzy off in Columbus, I was regailed with stories of what I could only imagine was the GREATEST ROAD TRIP EVER. While the retelling of the trip was pretty short (Bizzy listens only to gospel, talked the entire way, smoked, refused to get back in the car at one point, and requested/made numerous stops at strip clubs/dance club was said to be "just like that strip club in From Dusk Til Dawn"), I felt that it wasnt something you could just explain, much like when I met Bizzy. You had to be there.

So Bizzy comes back up to Cleveland and does his show, and I guess all is well until the afterparty (i feel like R Kelly). This is where things get extra shaky mainly because I wasn't there. All I know is that Bizzy and Wish threw down. Now theres a rumor floating around that J Records is ready to sign Bone for 1 Swizz Beatz produced album which could possibly return Bone Thugs back to the glory they once knew. I have also heard that the deal is worth some decent change, but worth twice that amount if Bizzy is in the group, and Bizzy isn't ready to commit. So Wish, not happy with someone keeping more food off his table, apparently came down to maybe talk some sense into his Bone brotha. That much is pretty much certain. How it went down is a different story. Some say it was like a wild west standoff with both Bones standing on opposite ends of the bar and squaring off, some say Bizzy was fighting another dude and bumped into Wish who was just walking in, and all sorts of fun stuff. Which ones I believe I don't know, all I know is that they fought, thus making any sort of Bone reunion in the near future not look to good...

...or does it? I have received some word that certain Cleveland figures are trying to mend the bridges and get Bone back together for at least a show, which if all goes well, could lead to the come back album I've honestly been waiting for for almost 10 years (Art of War came out in what, 97?). I think Bone is unfairly viewed as like a joke group or 1 hit wonders because they had a steady flow of hits for a good 3 or so years, and they helped start the whole sing songy rapping style that fellows like The Pied Piper of Afterpartys and Ursh have taken a liking to. As my man Mike and I had concluded, all Bone really needs are some good producers who will a.) give them good beats and b.) keep them from continuing with these slow, drawn out r&b type songs. While a couple of these songs here and there arent bad, these songs slowly took over all their albums, which didn't leave much room for the bangers and anthems.

Bone's been struggling, it isnt hard to see. 2 reunion shows ended up being 3/4's or 1/2 reunions (though I heard all 4 did a show in NYC for a Jam Master Jay memorial show), solo albums arent doing so well (Krayzie's got a mild reception, and I didnt even know Layzie had a new album coming out until I was looking through the Best Buy ad in the Sunday paper), collaborations arent going to well (Bone Brothaz pretty much got ignored, Bizzy's verse on the Jim Jones album was interesting to say the least, Krayzie's not doing so bad doing guest spots with Lil Jon but it aint blowin up, Wish has resorted to doing guest spots on other Bone members' albums...and these were the same dudes who gave classics like "Thug Luv", "Breakdown" and "Notorious Thugs") and frankly, with every group release getting more mediocre by the album, they need a big pick me up. (Wish was supposed to make an appearance at the Mike Jones show at Peabodys in Cleveland a few months back but he didnt make it into the club because he couldnt find a parking spot). This could be their chance.

Keep your eyes open to the Land of the Heartless this summer, because those 5, er, 4 true thugs from the double glock maybe making some noise in a major way.


For Cleveland's and their sakes.

F Y L baybee.


Blogger bboy said...

what about that piece about Wish looking for a parking spot outside peabody's for a half hour and then just going home in frustration ... classic.

6:08 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

woah just to note...i'm watching mtv2 and i just saw a commercial for the new Layzie Bone album "It's not a Game" No it's truly not a game cause L-Burna don't play. as he put it "ya under-dig?"

1:33 PM  

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