Sunday, April 23, 2006

Drive-by Post #5

Cavs win game 1

Well, even though they are the favored to take the series, this win still brings a good smile to my face. Lebrizzle has come out the gates hard and hopefully they can take this one all the way to the top (if you're from Cleveland, you know what commercial I'm referring to).

Bow Wow vs. P & Romeo

Well, it looks like the inevitable feud is slowly getting more heated by the day as Bow Wow responds to some comments P and Romeo made about him. My personal favorite is "You [Lil' Romeo] can't sell no records, and your daddy is on Dancing With the Stars." I never liked Romeo from day one, and I honestly feel that if this is going to wax, Bow Wow is going to eat Romeo alive (come on, who would even be ghost writing for Rome? P? Silkk?).

And lastly, I hear Cleveland's the new New York. I think my favorite description of this all so far either came from Ben or our friend Phil who said "they asked extras to dress like they were from New York and its pretty amazing to see what people think New Yorkers dress like".


Anonymous Bun B said...

Fuck going to Wax.

Romeo. Bow Wow. A dance off.

8:55 AM  

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