Saturday, February 25, 2006

"do your thing young man" II

Mike and I were watching the Cavs/Wizards game last night on tv, and we, just like any other Cavs fans, weren't happy with their performance in the last quarter. Shit was ugly. But after the game ended (Cavs loss) I noticed what sounded like some boos coming from the crowd. It was faint, and we were getting up to go have a smoke, so I didn't think twice about. Maybe it was the tv or something.
Then today I learn through that they were in fact boos. Boos coming from the home crowd, aimed mainly at "The Chosen One", who in the 4th quarters was bricking shots like it was going out of style. Was I happy about that? No. They could've won this game if he would've made some goddamn free throws. But to boo Lebron? Are you serious?
I could see if the Cavs were on a losing streak, or last in the division. I could see if Lebron was showboating and turned the ball over, or if he just gave up or some shit. But no, none of this is happening. Sure they/Lebron played shitty and lost, but it's just 1 game (well, 2, but let's hope its not a trend), and to boo the man that I'm sure nobody wants to see leave after this season? The MVP of the All-Star game? The 3rd highest scorer in the league? The guy whose name is constantly mentioned after the names Jordan and Robinson? The man who is supposed to lead the Cavaliers, better yet, Cleveland to its first title in the age of color tv? Hell to the naw.
People always talk about how mature he is for his age, and to further that sentiment, he blamed the loss totally on himself, and Lebron's the type of guy that you know will do his best to right what was wrong.
Lebron isn't Tim Couch, and honestly, even he didnt deserve it.

Fuck That Life.


Blogger Tim 2 said...

Agreed 100%! There have been so many Cleveland sporting events where the fans just start b00ing and I was like WTF!! Take Eric Plunk for instance. Okay the guy was no great pitcher, we all knew it...but what kind of confidence booster can the fans give, when the bullpen door opens, and all the guy has to do is stick the tip of his mit out the door and the b00 birds come out in full force!? I was always like WTF!! This guy is on the mound, warming up AT HOME and is already getting b00s, how the fuck are you supposed to perform under those circumstances?

Cleveland fans tend to by morons from time to time. I just don't get it...

4:34 PM  
Blogger bboy said...

I want to say "what's new?" This is typical Cleveland bullshit. I usually say it jokingly that "Cleveland fans are the worst" but this just confirmed it for me. Shitty sportsmanship, no support ... nothing. ESPN was right to highlight that; maybe Clevelanders will see how shitty they can be when it's documented on Nat'l TV. I mean, yeah, I get sad when teams I support lose, but unless a player does something intentional to cause the team to lose, booing isn't warranted. It's not intentional when you have a bad game. Lebron wants to win. It's not intentional that he sucks it from the stripe.

8:14 PM  
Blogger bboy said...


James said he "of course" heard the boos, adding, "If these fans want to boo me, it's on them."

at this rate, by "it's" he means "him leaving for Jersey and Cleveland never even hearing about a Championship".

8:20 PM  

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