Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Driveby Post #3

In case you havent seen it yet, someone came up with a conspiracy theory as to why Dave Chappelle had his supposed meltdown and pulled the plug on his show. While it's lacking in any real evidence (at least any that can be seen on the site), it adds an interesting light on the subject. And it does make you wonder why Bill Cosby's been saying all that kooky stuff lately.

If you're like me, you go out on Saturday nights so youre never home to watch Saturday Night Live anymore. And it's honestly been so long that I have no idea who is on the cast and who isn't, and/or if its even funny anymore. However my brother told me about this skit from Saturday's show where Chris Parnell and some other dude rap about doing normal stuff on a Sunday. It's honestly pretty funny. Thanks to Gorilla Mask for the media.
"Lazy Sunday"

Not too long ago (I think in my post-Thanksgiving I made a brief mention of a hip hop group some friends of mine were in when I was in college. Well, a little less then a month later and Ive uploaded an mp3 for yall's to listen to. The group consisted of a guitar/keyboard player, a bassist/drummer, an mc, and a a beatboxer. All talented in their own right (most of the rapping was freestyled and their beatbox dude had placed in Scribblejam and other competitions), and came from fairly different backgrounds (from Louisvile Kentucky to East Cleveland) thus making for some pretty interesting shit. They played their last and best show opening up for Jurassic 5 a little more than a year ago and they stole the show in my eyes. Alright enough reminiscing, here's some Free Flow for all you suckas.

And finally, the Evil Empire strikes again.

FYL and Murry Christmas.


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