Thursday, November 17, 2005

game over?

Who isn't loving this???

Author: SoundSlamNov. 16, 2005 - Inglewood, CA

The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, was once a high school basketball player with a prospective professional career inthe sport. As a 6’4” hooper, The Game played at Compton High School and eventually received a athletic scholarship to Washington State University. During his first year playing college ball, Taylor was dismissed from the team for a suspected drug violation. Now, The Game is readying for a revived
basketball career with the ABA team, the Inglewood Cobras. The Inglewood Cobras,
an American Basketball Association team, have been infused with financial
investment and energy from the rapper who is looking forward to the upcoming
season starting this week. Game stated that “It’s just a branch off of the moves
I’m trying to make to elevate The Black Wall Street West. I am buying a decent
percentage of the team and also playing.”The Inglewood Cobras will be playing
their home games at The Forum and will play their first home match on November
29th versus the Las Vegas Rattlers. Attendees can expect to see Mr. Jayceon
Taylor putting in many minutes on the hardwood during the games, too. The Game
said that he believes he will be starting at either the number 2 or the 3 spot
since he’s well-versed in the sport. He cited, “I grew up playing basketball.
I’m only 25 and I’m still in professional shape.” He continued, stating that
“I’ve been in intense practices with the Cobras for about a month now and the
team is looking forward to winning every game and selling out The Forum with the
help of myself and a bunch of talented young guys eager to elevate their own
basketball careers.”Other notable players for the Cobras include former
University of Arkansas elite, Mike Jones, as well as Spencer Alston and the
Japanese guard, Takuya Okada. The Game is hopeful that the franchise will be
able to sell out home games at the former Los Angeles Lakers Complex, The Forum,
and possibly become a NBDL team in the future. Jayceon Taylor is using this
opportunity as both a tool to give back to his own backyard community, having
grown up in Compton, as well as establish the move on behalf of his Black Wall
Street company. Other endeavors have been and will be established in the music,
fashion, real estate and gang intervention sectors, amongst others.

I thought P had this ABA/rap game on lock...think about that combo, maybe get T.O. to play swingman? G-Unot shirt day? And of couse the dude name-dropped as the star of the team's name is Mike Jones...that's just too easy...


Blogger buu said...

imagine what will happen when the "cobras" take on that "crunk" team from memphis or whatever.

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