Friday, October 07, 2005

you get the car i'll get the night off

Yacht Rock 4 is out....don't sleep....doobie bros/loggins/messina/hall and know you love all this.

Bun B Greatest Verses Mixtape by Rapid Ric...supposed to bubble's namesake UGK...bun b's first solo joint Trill is out this month and due to label pressure this mix isn't gonna be HoustonSoReal is serving it up for free. 52 tracks, free, get it while it's good.

Lemon-Red October Mix series....certified bananas....indeed.

All these things one up anything I could offer so get on it.

On a non-rap note...Built to Spill...ten years later and still amazing...saw them in a packed house in C-town this week and tho they haven't done new music in 3 years, and solo projects etc have happened, they are still on top of their shit....


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