Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's Murdaaaaaaaaaaaaa *updated*

50 Cent - "The Ghetto Koran"

I don't know how new this news actually is to you fine folks but I stumbled across some interesting info over at The Smoking Gun about how famed Queens drug lord Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and Murder Inc CEO Irv Gotti want/wanted 50 dead. And by interesting info I mean an official affidavit straight outta New York.
Now I'm sure most of you remember that the feds raided the Murder Inc offices not too long ago for a number of reasons, with one of them being Irv's friendship with Supreme. But this goes a little deeper than that. From the famed 50 shooting (now he walks with a limp, but he's aight) to Jam Master J's murder (50 used to be his protege at a time when Supreme supposedly had 50 blacklisted from not just New York, but supposedly the entire United States), to 50's beef with Murder Inc. (Supreme was hanging out at the offices and apparently had a Murder Inc pager) these documents make it appear that Supreme has had a hand in all of it.
Up top there's a link to 50's "The Ghetto Quaran/Koran" where he talks about Supreme and his whole situation at the time in Queens. Apparently this is the song that set off the series of events that led to your boy Curt getting shot 9 times.
After getting shot, 50 was supposedly blacklisted in the recording industry by Supreme to the point that 50 had to go to Canada to record "Guess Who's Back", which had the cleverly titled song "Fuck You" that names the names responsible for his shooting (Supreme being one of them). Pretty hard I think.
With the Murder Inc. raid, Ja Rule's career in limbo, and Gotti and Supreme in legal troubles, it looks like 50's having the last laugh in this one, at least for now. This shit's got all the makings of some good conspiracy theory type shit or at least a Murder Dog cover story.
There is also an article about this at
And plus, how sweet is that record cover?
On a lighter note, I discovered that there is an ABA team in Charlotte called The Krunk. Their logo is a maniacal robotic boombox slam dunking a basketball. This is quite possibly one of the worst and at the same time greatest logos Ive ever seen. Click that link to see what Im talking about.


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reminds me of when 50 was actually hot. no olivia (jic)

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