Thursday, September 01, 2005

I just want you to know

AZ feat Ghost and Raekwon - New York

No fronting. I have always been loving AZ on the mic. From Illmatic thru the so so to Azatic, I've been with AZ. Even The Firm. (no disrespect 'mega) I can't wait to hear the new album A.W.O.L and it's even nice to hear this with the Wu legends.

Rodenbach. If you see this don't hesitate. Found it at my local spot for Oat's Soda and they claim that it's the first time it's been available locally in 5 years. The CEO of Duvel was here for the premiere of this. And it has an aftertaste like grape popsicles.

Boink! Magazine So I come to find that my alma mater now has a student run porno mag featuring many of the lovely girls who stroll campus on a daily. Obviously, admissions standards have become even stricter cause this is brilliant. Shouts to D-train cause I know you are loving this man.

On the college note...props to a BU pal who wrote a cheesy college dorm movie and got it done straight to DVD with the National Lampoons stamp on it. National Lampoons Dorm Daze One character is somewhat based on a good friend of mine. And they made him gay. Amazing. Oh yeah, the reason I must mention this is because somehow this movie also stars Ashley from the Fresh Prince, Tapanga, the fat kid from The Sandlot, Randy Spelling (Steve Sanders lil bro on 90210 and Tori's sister) and the Sherminator from American Pie. I dare anyone to dream up a more impressive lineup.

So the new Kanye is good. I know you want to hate this. I do too. But listen to it and shut up like I did.

College football on Saturday. Get ready Michigan, gonna be a long season lil homies...Miami (OH) even Roethlisberger and Jacob Bell together plus Ron Harper and Szczerbiak couldn't save Saturday for you.

Anyone know how the Magnolia fared in the Hurricane? Our thoughts are with you CMB.


Blogger buu said...

i heard suhy's been helping P put his game room back together and silkk was found 50 miles away sleeping in a tree.
hail rodenbach.
go buckeyes.
fuck that L.

12:53 PM  

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