Tuesday, August 02, 2005

50 Cent & The Buckeyes: Runnin Thangs. (updated 08/04/05)

Some of you may read this before as this post is about a week after the fact, but I recently just read this little article over at sexy results comparing college football teams to rappers. Ohio State and 50 get paired together as shady folks who get shit done. Whatever (oh no, corruption in college sports? unheard of!...seriously, what about hoe-lovin Colorado...Ghostface? nah, Luke would be a better comparison). At least the Buckeyes are on the list, while Michigan is nowhere to be seen...suckers (actually they are. theyre referenced at the beginning compared to fucking rakim. you got me joey.) Anyways, overall its pretty amusing, even if you dont agree with all of it (Bowling Green and BG: together at last).
Oh, and in case you forgot, most of us are Ohio dudes. Speaking of which, I just learned that Gund Arena is now called Quicken Loans Arena. Cleveland, long one of the last bastions of cities without an arena or field named after a product, has succumbed to having an arena with a shitty name. At least there wont be anymore "gohnorrhea" jokes.
f that life.


Blogger Mike said...

Lebrizzle's name up in the rafters at THE Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Picture it!

9:18 PM  
Blogger buu said...

im more pumped about people calling lebron "lebrizzle"

12:34 PM  
Blogger Joey said...

Being the Ohio dude that you are, I won't fault you for failing to read. But, were your literate, you'd note that Ian "said":
"I've seen a couple of really good ones (can't argue with Michigan/Rakim and Notre Dame/Run-DMC)..."

The UM comparison was a (w)rap, so mentioning it again would have been redundant. (And yes, that's a real word. You can look it up.)

(And you know that this is all for fun, I hope. Right?)

3:21 AM  
Blogger buu said...

i cant read i have a young ann arbor youth read things to me and he also takes dictation for these posts.
as i mention in the update, you got me on that one. goddammit.

3:36 PM  

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