Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Paul Wall III: Thee Champ of the People

Paul Wall - Internet Goin' Nuts

Alright so Buu laced the recap on the Paul Wall show from last week and it was all on point. It was a good time for all. Rappers in wheel chairs, that young Cleveland boy Ray Cash showing up with Paul, the Middlemen getting in some scuffles throughout. Paul's set was better than expected and plus we got to see thugs at 80's night next door dancing it up to Duran Duran and shit. Thugs and hipsters at one venue not something we see everyday around here. Oh yeah. And 40s. They sold 40 oz's all night. I'm not mad at that, not at all.

So this track is off that new Paul Wall mixtape and similar to Mike Jones' Back Then song off the popularity of that verse. Or Lil' Wayne - Drop it like it's hot. You get the idea. Who knows if he will really finish and do this song on the album or if it's just another mixtape cut. I'm not too concerned either way but I know anyone reading this is gonna love hearing PW talking about meeting girls on AIM and hitting up chatrooms.

Been following this NBA offseason more so than ever before. Gonna shout out Joey and Amar for their work on What's Really Good? which is their weekly online argument/discussion about the league. Nice to see some dudes who know what is up in the L. Also been all over HoopsHype for NBA rumors everyday. They compile what seems like every newspaper in the country for any ink on ball. Now if the Cavs could just pick up a point guard...


Blogger Joey said...

Thanks for the shout, man.

7:01 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

"you got it dude" - michelle tanner

7:03 PM  

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