Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Paul Wall: Before The Storm.

For those in the Cleveland area, The People's Champ Paul Wall will be getting his shine on at Peabodys tonight, Tuesday July 19th. Peabodys is located at 2083 East 21st Street off of Euclid Avenue across from CSU in downtown Cleveland. Tickets are $20 and if you dont already have one, you better get down there quick because shit's looking like it will sell out.
The Cleveland SupposedToBubble/FYL boys will be there in full effect so come holla at us (as Mike put it, all 3 of you). We'll be the nerdy kids by the bar.
Post-Paul Wall report to follow (should be interesting because the club next door is having their infamous Tuesday hipster haven 80s Night and both clubs share the same bathroom).


Anonymous wes said...

wheres this Post-Paul Wall wrap up report?? im waiting.
swishahouse/FYL collaboration in th near future?
holla back

9:44 PM  

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