Thursday, June 30, 2005

Living in a lonely world

CNN - City Boy (prod. by The Heatmakerz)

Juelz Santana - You Gonna Love Me (prod. by The Heatmakerz)

Well here it is. The Heatmakerz have a mixtape out and here are just a couple jems off it. Probably the only production team that I will buy anything they touch no questions asked. You know who they are, you know why you're here. For everyone who loves sped up samples and the dipset as much as I (they) do.

So I was super excited to hear this shit but I didn't know it was gonna be all this. This CNN track samples Journey "Don't Stop Believing" which I don't even know if I have words for. Journey sped up and crossed with motherfucking rap music. That last sentence basically describes the dream I have every night. Like the title of the sample states, sometimes I stop believing in rap music and then these mofos redeem everything for me. Thank you Heatmakerz.

Also this Juelz track is dope and the beat is a little bit different than the beat for the Da Backwudz shit, a little bit slower and chilled. Enjoy this shit and lets look forward to the Crack album whenever that happens.

Again: Steve Perry and Nore. Amazing.


Blogger buu said...

isnt that juelz beat the same as the one the backwudz used for their single? did the heatmakerz produce that shit? either way that beats tight but it sounds like juelz is running out of shit to say by the middle of the song. oh well. to quote steve suhy, ill take it.

12:22 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

same sampled song, done a bit different. you back in these parts mane?

2:09 AM  
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