Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day - Put the top down it be a beautiful day

Salute your fuckin' soldiers! Posted by Hello

The Perceptionists - Memorial Day

Congratulations KW2. I woke up this morning and the theme of today left nothing but you in my mind. From losing national championships to biting it doing gnarly endos, you truly are a fuckin' soldier bro. Awesome.

This song is posted as a tribute to the day at hand. To tell you the truth I don't know what's up with these guys anymore. When I was in college and Lif and Ak were on some pretty dope Boston underground hip hop shit. Now I honestly couldn't tell you if it's that the shit just got bad (underground hip hop) or if I just don't give a shit about it anymore. This track is decent, on some pseudo-dead prez with a backpack type shit. The moment to look for is when "I'm a fuckin' soldier" is yelled, most likely not in reference to KW2 but it makes me laugh/makes me angry all the same. Back in the day there was always the talk of this Perceptionists album where Lif and Ak form a supergroup with Fakts One, and I was genuinely looking forward to it. Then my college roommate interviewed Lif for the school paper (I can't believe this shit is still online) and Lif was on some "I live in Berkeley, I rap on the street corners" and we just didn't know what to think. But it eventually came out, and this is the song for today.

Just a couple other notes....Does anyone else think it's a bit shady that Larry Brown has all but directly claimed the GM position for the Cavs? I actually feel bad for poor Detroit fans as the Pistons are down in the EC finals right now as their coach is thinking about his new organization. I mean, does anyone really believe that the Cavs are foolish enough to hire a new coach (Mike Brown? Who? Mike Brown? Who? Mike Brown) without a GM in place. While the Cavs track record with decisions isn't good, there's no way that Gilbert hired a coach without any say from a new GM. Oh well, hopefully Young Bron and LB will have a great relationship just like in the Olympics. I guess as long as Ursh is happy.

Away from all this sports talk....shout out to my boy Chris Lemon-Red who landed a gig at the Boston Phoenix. He currently has Part Three of Trapped in the Closet by R. Kelly available on his site so get it while it's good. Anyone following the Trapped in the Closet series well...I'm sure I don't even need to tell you.

Got to watch some Mtv True Life yesterday with back to back episodes "I Have A Jersey Shore Summer Share" and "Weddings" where the groom tells the limo driver "I will hunt you down and gut you like a fucking fish!" Hope some of you caught that because those are two of the best episodes that show ever made and to see those back to back. Wow. In general that show is amazing as long as it doesn't involve dancing (including: cheerleading, hip hop dancing, going to dances) or fat people. Unfortunately 75% of the episodes they make involve one of those topics.

Also if anyone can tell me anything about Da Backwudz please get at me. The beat is fire and I feel like I'm missing out cause I don't know anything about this. Is this gonna be on point? Or the next Nappy Roots?

Don't forget to read directly below this as buu laced some crazy BTNH knowledge.


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