Tuesday, May 31, 2005

spymob...the most gangster rock band alive.

Remember that Neptunes album "Clones" that came out a few years ago? Remember Fam-lay? Better yet, remember Spymob? They, as well as High Speed Scene, were the two random if not obligatory rock bands on a generally hip hop/r&b comp (while I keep saying "remember", remember Puffy's group Fuzzbubble?) and like Fam-lay and High Speed Scene, they made their appearance and then you never heard anything about them again.
Well low and behold, today I was killing time on the internet and I decided to see if Ruthless Records a.) still existed and b.) had a website. Well, the answer to both is yes, and apparently Spymob are on Ruthless Records.
Why this wasn't bigger news (album came out last year) is news to me because the label known for Bone, BG Knocc Out, Dresta and the immortal Eazy-E also has some pretty white looking dudes playing what I'm assuming isnt gangsta rap.
So if anyone has any info on this please get at me because as of right now Spymob is THE COOLEST BAND IN THE WORLD.
Don't believe me? Click here.


Blogger bboy said...

top buttons of shirts are for pussies. only og crackers leave that shit open and can rock a mean pencil goatee. you definitley also need a long haired blonde "dude" in your band and the obligatory nerd to be considered gangsta these days.

seriously though, word on the "streets of compton" is that there is a budding romance between ruthless' Na'Shay and John Ostby of Spymob fame.

speaking of Na'shay .. check out this lady's website .. she answers questions about relationships and other choice topics like:

"damn, girl, you look all natural and shit .. what kind of make up do you use?"


hard ass bitch. only tru ass hoes use mac. in all seriousness though, Ruthless is coming back up.

"yo, spymob!"
"wus up?"
"thought you shoulda known by now.."

8:02 AM  
Blogger bboy said...

also, buu ... we should get all over Ruthless about a website re-design ...

8:04 AM  
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