Thursday, August 11, 2005

I Live Life Sorta Like In The Movies

Slim Thug - Buss The Tech (Lil Flip Diss)

Slim Thug - My Name Is Thug The Boss

On the heels of that album that the internets is loving, Slim blesses us with some new mixtape heat. First track is some fire as the Boss makes his feelings towards Flip and Sqad Up rather clear. He also jumps on that Jigga PSA beat which you know already I'm quite the sucker for. And he does remarkable well holding the beat down with his own style. The Thug once again...


Blogger bboy said...

The unfortunate thing with the mixtape mania is the production. No one seems to be caring anymore about sounding good. I mean, that's seriously important, especially considering how repetitivly horrawful the "MC"ing is for the last three years or so. Everyone speaks on the same bullshit:

...quick to fuck up they cash,
you garbage, so ima take out the trash

If you all speak in the same way, in the same accent, you have to mix it up and make it interesting for the listeners in some other way. Speaking of, Slim Thug just talks. He has no style in his delivery. That's just my PO though.

everybody's into garbage men these days. Like Lil' Wheezy "I'm yo' trash man..." It's all relevant though; it's trashy music. None of this music makes me say "Holy fuck, this is amazing" anymore. Only, "oh, tight beat" or "this verse is good." I guess I miss the excitement of hearing new artists; when you hear "new" artists (who sound exactly like the "old") every week, it gets kinda tiresome.

< /stupid>

3:56 PM  
Blogger buu said...

i kind of feel the same in that its hard to find a gem in a pile of dirt (but isnt it always) and honestly, not just rap/hip-hop, ive felt that way about music for a while. everything now from indie rock to metal to rap is so diluted with shit that its easy to just say "fuck it" and listen to some doobie brothers. however, there are those saviors, and in terms of rap/hip-hop, slim thug, swisha house, and a select few keep my interested in that its something new or just plain quality. i actually like slim thug's delivery because, well, it just enunciated speaking. but shit man, thats why i liked eazy-e. even though dipset is pretty much letting me down right now (thats right, i said it), im still waiting eagerly for that new juelz, and im also waiting for that new kanye (sophmore slump be damned). i guess (and i dont know if this is the case with you ben) but i just overloaded myself. and now im just taking a step back and getting some air.
on another note, saw the new jim jones video today (for 2 songs i wasnt that familiar with) and while the video was your usual shit (cars, the block, etc) the songs were pretty horrible. and anyone else with me on being disappointed that an album called "diary of a summer" is being released basically at the end of the summer? dude, i cant enjoy a summer album with leaves falling.
i guess i shoulve just made this a post goddammit.

1:30 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

yall dudes need to just make this shit posts. i still love rap music. fuck it all.

2:20 AM  
Blogger bboy said...

speaking of which ... don't know if you've heard that girls, cash, cars (speaking of talking about the same old shit) cam'ron cut yet, but actually his delivery is quite quick instead of that slow cut stuff he normally does. The pace change along with the track is quite uh, refreshing.

8:45 AM  

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