Saturday, August 06, 2005

I miss my dawgs...

Lil Wayne - Public Service Announcement

How cute do these dudes look in this picture? Reportedly they posed for it just after Cotton Candy and riding the Big Dipper and right before taking a moonlit, hand in hand walk along the beach. Carrying their Reeboks and socks so they don't get wet. I don't think you can even call no homo on this picture. These dudes...

B.G. interview in the new XXL. Lots of heroin talk and that same story that every rapper on Koch spins about being the highest selling artist on Koch to make it seem not so bad you're now indie, while also maintaining the entire time that you're a free agent with no commitment to Koch and you're just about to make moves. I'm surprised there was no mention of making $6.00 a record on Koch (wait go to the next interview, Jim Jones doesn't forget to bring this up. Good work Capo.)

Actually while I'm on this, peep the Jim Jones interview as well. I won't get too into it because my brain may explode but he covers having an office at Asylum and a job he can't explain. Except for that he works for no one. Except that he works for Lyor Cohen. But that's ok because Scarface worked for Sosa. Seriously, just read this shit. This is the logic that prevails throughout.

This song, by the way, is Wayne on my favorite Black Album beat. I really think it would be hard for anyone to miss on this track, and Wayne doesn't disappoint.

What I am looking for is anyone who has/comes across a picture of Waynes tattoo on his bicep of an alien smoking a joint. Please get in touch. I know they showed it in an XXL about 3-4 years ago and I've been trying to find it again for about a year with no luck. It's THAT amazing.


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