Friday, September 02, 2005

Brothers For The Struggle

After a few days of wondering whether or not Master P and Silkk are sitting in a rowboat somewhere or if Baby is waiting things out in a Cash Money treehouse, has an artice on just how said entertainers are doing and whats being done in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Don't miss the random quotes from Snoop's younger brother for no good reason other than he's Snoop's brother.
While this may be a little out of line due to this being such a terrible disaster, Im wondering what collaborations we might see come out of this... the article does state that P and Baby have recently spoken to each other for the first time due to the crisis...
But seriously, shit's rough down there and thoughts and prayers go out to those people who are currently left in the most dire of straits.
And if you havent donated yet, there's still time.


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