Monday, November 14, 2005

You've Got Terry Bradshaw

What ever happened to the days where sports rivalries really meant something? The first Browns/Steelers game of the year and I'm sitting in a bar with about 6 Steelers fans sitting next to me. With our Browns fading fast, the FYL boys and Cincinnati Ben did our best to stump them by cheering for everything and anything, from Lebron James to NASCAR, and soon enough the Pittsburghians (is that what they are?) just stared straight and talked amongst themselves.
But what's happened? Why weren't these people roughed up outside? Why are Michigan fans allowed to sit down in a Ohio bar during Ohio State/Michigan? Why are guys with Yankees hats doing dances in Jacob's Field when Jason "Steroids" Giambi hits a homerun and not found dead outside after the game? I heard Yankees fans were wearing Red Sox hats during the World Series last year? Browns going to Steelers parties? Me complaining about these things on a "blog"?
It was nice to see some trash talking and dudes getting in each others' faces last night in the game. I just wish Willie Green wouldve ran out there in a sweatsuit and started punching fools.

On another note, this is pretty fucking amazing. So amazing I ordered one as soon as I knew of its existence.

So yeah, not only do we have basketball, but we've got this guy too. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Pittsburgh.


Anonymous Cincinnati Ben said...

On another note; how come you guys haven't "roughed me up outside" yet?

"I hate the Steelers too, guys!"
"Yellow and gold suck?!?"

2:49 PM  

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