Thursday, December 01, 2005

Drive By Post II

Readin over at about all sorts of dipset news, from a Juelz instore appearance in New York getting a little out of hand to Jim Jones allegedly getting chased out of Pittsburgh. Apparently it had to do with some Hell Rell business where he was supposed to do a mix-tape with a Pittsburgh group called Tha Government but didnt. I dont know about you, but Id be real pissed off if Hell Rell got me in some shit.

Some pics from that Bat Mitvah that 50/G-unit and Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith did. Remember when Jah Rule and Ashanti did a Bat Mitvah and people made fun of them (me included)? Remember when 50 made fun of Jah for singing too much?...
Photos courtesy of WhatWouldTylerDurdenDo?
What a great time!

Nice Uni Watch article on page2 about Cleveland Browns uniforms, past, present, and future. Considered one of the ugliest and most plain uniforms in the league, it's nice to see the old brown and orange get a little recognition as the true testament to football tradition it is (not surprisingly, the ugliest alterations they've ever had came under Art Modell...)

Also, apparently Reggie Bush's high school highlight tapes are making their way around the underground circuits like a celebrity sex video and shit is hot ta def. Check this New York Times article to see what Im talking about, and check that video to see some of the most ridiculous runs youve ever seen.

FYL boys were at the Cavs/Clippers game for MDK's birthday. Our "usher yeah" sign got no love but the Cavs pulled out an overtime win in what was a damn good game.

F that L.


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