Tuesday, January 24, 2006

When I go to the club I get...

4-Ize - Ron Artest

Young Ron Ron, Queensbridge's finest, Mr. Artest is at it once again. After we've all been sitting on the edge of our collective seats for the last month waiting to see who win the Ron lottery (err death sentence) and today it seemed there was an answer. The Maggette deal had obviously fallen through a while back even tho Ron seemed excited for LA, and I started to think maybe nothing would happen. But then this afternoon I catch a newsbreak that Artest for Peja is a done deal and Artest is now a King. I turn on the Cavs game tonight against the Pacers waiting for the official announcement. Unfortunately the announcement went something like this:

Ron Artest's agent: Ron, the deal is done. You got traded to the Kings.
Ron Artest: No I didn't.
Agent: What?
RA: Fuck that shit.

And apparently the Kings quickly voiced their agreement with Artest's last statement.

And that makes this song relevant again about a year later. When life hands you lemons, get Ron Artest.


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