Thursday, January 26, 2006

Whack Rappers (2004)

Now I'm not a big Afroman fan (though I honestly still chuckle a little bit everytime I hear "Because I Got High" because its that ridiculous) but I was surprised to learn the other day that Afroman had released a diss song...on everyone. After a little searching on Google, I learned that not only is this song two years old, but it was followed up with a "Whack Rappers II". Both of these songs appeared on "Afroholic...The Even Better Times", a 2 disc album that was one of three, count em three, albums he released in 2004. Whether or not this was Afroman's "How To Rob", I'm not too sure, but if it was, I would have considered it a failure in that I don't recall hearing too many diss songs on Afroman.
I'll be honest, the first installment is pretty funny. Kind of odd because you'll notice that a lot of the people he spends the most time hating on are women (he really hates...Kelis). The second version has Afroman getting serious about MTV and corporate radio.
Youre just gonna have to listen to these for yourself.
Afroman - "Whack Rappers"
Afroman - "Whack Rappers II"

And it's official: Waster Wednesday has joined forces with the Supposed To Bubble/FYL boys. Dudes Night Out is taking it to a whole new level.
If you're in the Cleveland area next weekend, come out to BSide and see what happens...

It just be like that sometimes.


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