Monday, June 12, 2006

Pittsburgh, Feel Our Pain

In almost breaking news, "Big" Ben Roethlisberger, the young star quarterback of the Superbowl Champin Pittsburgh Steelers, took a note from Kellen Winslow's book and got into a pretty serious motorcyle accident today. While he didn't get it doing endos in a parking lot, he did get it because he doesn't like to wear helmets, an equally stupid reason. While I could go on talking about how this really opens up the AFC next year, or maybe even go a little into left field and make a Gerard Warren "kill the head..." joke, I think I'll show some class and say that I wish Ben a speedy recovery.
Suspiciously, Steelers backup QB Charlie Batch was the first to get to the hospital...
And I'm not too sure what the pic I used is from, but I'm sure it's mildly offensive and probably terrorism related. However, I couldn't find any screen shots from "V For Vendetta" so there.
Peep the official words on Big Ben's accident here and a picture of Ben's mangled bike and a pool of bloodhere.

In keeping with the sports theme, the US lost 3-0 to Czech Republic today. Can't say I was surprised, but I'm still a little disappointed, and I'm not feeling much better knowing that we're facing Italy next. But, the last time I had this slight skepticism, Lebron and the Cavs stretched out the series with Detroit to 7 games...
Mavs up 2 to 0 on Miami, and word is that Ray Cash album is finally coming out (well, at least it's getting reviewed...).

Fuck that life.


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ENGLAND 1-0!!!

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