Saturday, September 09, 2006

Farnsworth Bentley, Shitty.

i was sitting at home killing time and i caught former/current sean "puffy/p diddy/diddy" combs' man servant, farnsworth bentley performing a song apparently off of his upcoming album on kanye's g.o.o.d music label on "fashion rocks", which apparently was some shit celebrating fashion week. i originally thought kanye was performing but instead he introduced "bentley" (as he called him), saying that it was "history in the making". what it actually was was garbage. farnsworth came out, all serious like, wearing his usual man servant/nerd gear, rapping tongue twisty, and dancing. like, big daddy kane type dancing. and then he had back up dancers come out with umbrellas and dance with him. now to be honest, i actually thought that was sweet. rappers had/have been hating on dancing for a while ("lean back", that three 6 mafia song), and i forgot how a rap performance with some good dancing (emphasis on good, not some diddy shit) and choreography can be pretty sweet if done well, but it could have been because it reminded me of kid n play, old heavy d, mc hammer, my youth. but yeah, that wasnt bad. what was bad was his rapping. since he was dancing he was kind of out of breath, and his flow was just all awkward and off beat. and like i said, he had this serious look on his face that just made him look foolish. the beat, which im assuming kanye did was pretty nice, but bentley ruined it. what the hell would he rap about anyways? being someone's bitch? umbrellas?
who wants an album from this guy? who ever asked to see this guy do anything but be puffy's bitch? he had that skit on "the love below" where he and andre 3000 converse in bad fake british accents, and i thought that was already pushing it.
i looked on youtube for some footage of this performance but apparently nobody cared enough to tape it or upload it. and i looked for the song but that shit aint anywhere, not on the g.o.o.d. site, not on the fashion rocks site, not on limewire, nothing. but thats probably a good thing.
fuck bentley's life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
There is a link to a Fonzworth performance

10:50 PM  

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