Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vintage Birdman

Now originally I was going to post about Ray Cash and his debut album, "COD: Cash On Delivery" coming out, and how he's still repping Cleveland to the fullest and how the album is getting good reviews from Bol to XXL, but that was Tuesday, and now it's Thursday, and I still haven't listened to the full album. As Will would say, "Ah well".
Instead, I give to you these old Baby "The #1 Stunna" gems I found in a 2002 issue of The Source:

1. "My teeth are metal, so I can put up to 500 degrees in my mouth. I can eat more than what regular n***as can."

2. "I know (Burberry)'s old 'cause the rich woman on Gilligan's Island wore it."

This weekend, the ripper returns. As if anyone cares.
F that L.


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