Friday, January 26, 2007

agent zero.

now lebron is my man when it comes to basketball, but gilbert arenas is quickly becoming my #2. last year he earned many a clevelander's respect in that playoff series (though im sure any clevelander would be quick to remind him of lebron whispering in his ear), and this year hes not slowing down as hes seriously lighting up the floor with 50 point games and game winning shots (dont forget his "HIBACHI!" celebration). that coupled with his somewhat odd behavior (peep some of his interviews), makes for one interesting dude.
so why am i bringing this up? is it because he made a last second comeback against vince "i didnt really try in toronto" carter in the allstar voting? no, its because of the revenge tour hes been on this year against the coaches who cut him from the US national team. anytime dudes do things like this for vengeance (see Lance Armstrong's final tour de france), it has me laughing. i mean, he already dropped 54 against the suns (coach d'antoni)earlier this season, and now he has his sights set on nate mcmillan and the blazers. however, things get even better when asked about team USA's head coach.
here's a link to gilbert talking about how he wants go back to college just so he could drop 80+ points against coach K, and here's a link to gilbert's blog, which really isnt that insightful as much as it is short and to the point, which i guess adds to his mystique. like this passage about how he got his maybach:
It was LeBron’s guy in Cleveland. These guys, Larry Hughes, Damon Jones, Donyell Marshall, they got me to this guy. I seen their car and I asked about it, you know, just to ask. They was like, “You know, the guy, he can give you a heck of a deal.” So I called the guy and we had a little brief conversation and he said, “I have a 1-of-1.” And I was like, “Wow. All right, I’ll take it.”


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