Friday, February 01, 2008

driveby sports post.

so the cavs were about mid-stride in getting their shit back together when some dude's voodoo curse from the beginning of the season finally kicks in and takes out sasha and varejao, sidelining them for over a month (in sasha's about 2). and then lebron sits out last night due to a sprained ankle and the cavs lose to the lowly oklahoma seattle supersonics. now im not hitting the panic button as i do realize that we're barely at the all-star break, but it seems like the season's going to be a little bumpier than last season (master of the obvious) as the team on a whole seems to be taking on more injuries and the beasts of the east seem a little more fierce this time around.
i honestly dont know whats going to happen with the trade deadline and/or jason kidd, but i will say that if the cavs are able to make a deal (which i dont think they will), i hope it doesnt involve z or gibson. for the past 3 years z has been proving his critics wrong by serving up solid numbers on offense and defense, and, well, lebron likes him. and gibson is proving himself to be a legitimate offensive threat and only time will tell how good he gets. i would hate the cavs to be one of those "well we won/bought that 1 championship that 1 year" teams (like sports teams from miami), and i just dont feel good about 35 year old jason kidd beyond a couple of seasons.
but what do i know? i really just wanted to post this youtube of donyell forgetting his jersey, thus adding to the mystique that is donyeezy (he loves benihana, has a muppet voice, and is best imagined looking like he just woke up from a nap standing in a dark hallway in a sleeping gown with a sleeping cap on his head holding a candle). oh, and you and i have better physiques than him. a paid professional athlete.

and i dont know if anyone else out there watches the price is right, but all week theyve been showing shows taped from about a month ago. how do i know you ask? because at least one person in every episode has been wearing an ohio state shirt of some sort and saying things like "WE'RE GONNA BEAT THE SEC" and "NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!" and drew trying to save the situation by saying "well i certainly hope thats the case when this actually airs".

well, at least its friday right? and to keep with the early 90s compton feel of today's post, i leave you with this classic. geeah:



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