Monday, September 25, 2006

New Bone Song

"Just Vibe"
New Bone site on the way, with a link to what appears to be the new single called "Just Vibe". The beats starts off pretty nicely (Im assuming this is Swizz?) but tends to be kind of repetitive as Bone flows pretty nicely over the beat about hanging out, the 1st of the month, bill collectors, people biting their style, the same old shit. It's a song sort of the in the vain of their drug love songs (theres too many to name), laid back beat and a lot of their singing. And I dont know if hes doing it to balance out the group now that Bizzy's gone (crazy), but there are parts where Wish is rapping in an octave a little higher than we're used to, and it sounds kind of funny. Funnier if you picture him circling the block outside a Mike Jones show looking for a place to park.
But yeah, Im definitely curious to see how the rest of the album pans out.


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