Monday, January 07, 2008

hey remember the BCS?

Ohio State? LSU? Another (crazy) season of college football that has fueled yet more arguments for and against the BCS and a college football playoff system, and all Ive gotta say is that theyve gotta do something about the 1 month gap of inactivity.
When was that Ohio State/Michigan season finale? October?
And fuck backing in. While I dont think that this Buckeye team isn't the powerhouse of last year (Illinois), it's not their fault that everyone else around them was dropping like flies. Coulda (Arkansas), Woulda (Stanford), Shoulda (Appalachian State...ha!).
I guess it should be mentioned that 4 of the head coaches who coached in BCS games this year are from Ohio, including LSU's Les Miles (Jim Tressel is a given). Im just sayin.
And if you live in the NYC area and youre up for watching this shit, we're hooking up the projector at the Waverly household, so feel free to drop by, just holla at me. BYOB and SEC fans welcome.

Other Shit

The Browns' "season of dreams" or whatever people were calling it came to an end thanks to a stellar performance by Jim Sorgi in a nailbiter between the 2nd string of the Colts and powerhouse that is the Tennessee Titans. And even though Im still disappointed by it all, as occasional blog contributor Steve put it, "I didnt even expect them to finish .500 so I'm optimistic for the future". Or something like that.
So now what? We saw a glimpse of Brady "Muscle Milk" (have you seen those commercials? I know its not Muscle Milk but it might as well be) Quinn and to be honest, it wasn't that bad. Granted it was 1 series against the 49er's, but if K2 hadnt have dropped his shit, that wouldve been a TD. Romeo's already stated that there is not going to be a QB controversy, and while I pray to God that there wont be, I dont see how its avoidable. I still believe in DA, but Quinn's "the future" right?
Either way I just hope they get Jamal back on board for at least another couple of seasons.

Im not gonna get into their current bout with mediocrity moreso than comment on how sweet it was that Lebron dropped 24 on the Raptors in part to spite the Raptors fans (Chris Bosh's girlfriend?) heckling him from behind the bench.
From The Plain Dealer:
"LeBron James was in the midst of a record-setting fourth quarter, and a few opposing fans dared to trash talk with the league's leading scorer.
It's your fault," responded James, while at the free-throw line during his highlight-filled quarter."

So yeah, 8:00pm tonight, Fox, Joe Buck (I just cant get enough!), its on like donkey kong yet again.
And for the Buckeye faithful, here's that Jim Tressel motivational Christmas present in case you havent seen it:

F LSU's Life.


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