Monday, October 22, 2007

Cleveland Sports: The Joke Isn't Funny Anymore.

You know what happened.
And now the main question is, does this deserve to be put in the Cleveland Loser Lexicon alongside "The Drive" and "The Fumble"?
Ah fuck it who cares...

  • God Hates Cleveland Sports has a nice entry starting off with where the highest bridges are in Cleveland in case this is all too much for you.

  • Deadspin's entry about how Kenny, the Ageless Wonder, Cleveland's Mayor For A Day, is, as I had speculated towards the end of last night's game...CURSED.

  • Kissing Suzy Kolber has this amazing piece simply titled "The KSK Guide To Being An Insufferable A--Hole S--thead F--kface Fan Of Boston-Area Sports Teams".

  • and then finally, just to put a smile on your face, Gilbert Arenas' blog. Specifically the posts titled "DeShawn's New Tattoo" and "The Adventures of Chuck and Larry"
  • .

Fuck Cleveland's Life.


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