Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Cleveland Killa Season

Bone finally made a movie, and it's not "Ghetto Cowboy" starring Wesley Snipes as they had promised us (no, seriously they did) 3 years ago at Peabodys. Based on the idea of "What would have happened to Bone had they never gotten their record deal?" and sharing the same name as their comeback hit "I Tried", this trailer's got it all: dramatic lines ("Nothin more dangerous than a wounded animal"), Wish and a shotgun, Krayzie doing some "art imitating life" type shit by playing a dude with too many kids, and Layzie punching people. My only disappointment is that it appears to take place in LA and not Cleveland.
One time SupposedToBubble contributer Eric Zunkley did some shit on this movie, so props to him.

Speaking of Eric Zunkley, he will also be dj'ing Hate Jamz this Saturday at Touch in Cleveland alongside his brother Beverly Thrills, Brooklyn, and your 3 Supposed To Bubble amigos.
Shit jumps off Friday at Peabodys with American Werewolves, Fall Back, Above This Fire, Crowd Deterrent, and a bunch of other bands I cant remember.
And also, get in touch if you want to be apart of Ben and Doan's Wing Night Reunion at the Winking Lizard.

F this weekend's Life.


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