Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fuck It Why Not.

After a day or so of sulking after that game 3 loss and considering not watching game 4 because i didnt want to slit my wrists, I say fuck it. The Cavs are in the Finals and as bleak as their outlook might seem, it's time to root for the home team. Because as Steve said, we have yet to see "there's no way im losing this game" Lebron, and I sincerely do not believe that he/they will let San Antonio sweep them, especially at the Q.

Speaking of the Q (well, not really but I need a segueway), anybody who sends in/posts a picture of themselves with Michael Wilbon or Stephen A Smith gets a prize. Wilbon can probably be found in/around Browns stadium early/mid-afternoon seeing how thats where hes been doing his half of PTI this week, and Im assuming Stephen A can be found at Tower City, Crazy Horse, or...I've got nothing. A voicemail recording of either will do as well.

Lastly, for your listening pleasure...

In case you dont have it, the Mick Boogie/Al Fatz mixtape "Expect The Unexpected" (game 4) is up for free over at Mick Boobie's myspace blog. Peep "Callin All The Shots", Lebron's official/unofficial theme song featuring the people's champ Paul Wall and some Hawaiin dude doing the beat.

And a classic for you to get buck wild: "Thug Luv" by Bone and 2pac.

Keep the faith.


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