Monday, April 02, 2007

once again it's on.

last time i posted about the buckeyes and florida and a championship, well, we all know what happened...

so let's hear it for opening day! contrary to popular belief, CC's going to start and like i said before, im feeling good about this season. i still dont know about sending choo to the minors because of how clutch moments he had last season, but what do i know. once cliff lee gets back in the swing of things we'll see where this ship will sail.

pistons pull one out against detroit extending their lead of the east over the cavs, as the cavs fall to the lowly celtics. which i was extra disappointed with because a.) they cavs actually play well without lebron, and b.) its the celtics...without paul pierece. ah well, we've got a playoff spot locked down, i just hope "bron bron" gets the rest he needs.

tribe game starts in a little less than a half hour. so ill leave you with these links:
great oden's raven
this kind of funny yet inspiring homemade tribute to the upcoming 2007 season of the cleveland indians. ok. its funny.

buck my life.


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