Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Good Times Just Keep On Comin!

Well, it's happened again. CC's probably going to miss the season opener.
And while we're talking Cleveland Curse, has yet another chart of the most tortured, this time broken down into teams. Cleveland did nicely with all three major teams (Browns, Indians, and Cavs) being in the top 25, and David Schoenfield even gave the Browns the honor by saying "The Browns have suffered more soul-sucking moments than any franchise." And then he went on to agree/admit that the Rocky Colavito Curse is real.
It's always comforting when other people notice Cleveland's shittiness in sports, like, "ok, it's not just us who think this way."
And the other day while watching Ohio State beat Memphis, my buddy Steve was like "You hear how the Knicks want the Cavs in the playoffs? They think Eddy Curry is the ultimate Lebron stopper. Ha!"
And then last night they beat the Cavs.

fuck cleveland's life.


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