Sunday, March 18, 2007

ballin out of control.

For those of you who read deadspin this is old news but seeing how i was on a self imposed "spring break" last week (even while at work) i somehow missed out on their post, which itself is a link to a page originally posted by freedarko, of "ballers with randoms". i cant even begin with the amazingness of these pictures, but that pau gasol pic should say it all.
keep your eyes peeled for the key marquis daniels picture on page 2...

and a stunning ohio state/xavier game which i honestly thought was xavier's during those last 5 minutes. but low and behold, it wasn't xavier's day...amazing. mike is tearing it up on our yahoo pool while im lingering somewhere in the middle. quote of the week, "mark's bracket has more lines than a coke addict's table".

fuck ner's life.


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