Sunday, June 03, 2007

what more can be said?

James gang takes the series.

its the next day and im still at a loss for words.

as the plain dealer's bud shaw wrote:

This was a healing hand on Jim Chones' foot, instant relief for Brad Daugherty's ailing back and a glass of amnesia for memories of any or all of the following: Ted Stepien. Ron Harper going. Trajan Langdon coming. Shawn Kemp's heavy legs. Lamond Murray's gripe that his jersey wasn't for sale in the team shop. The rebound that got away in Game 6 last season.

i was telling people before the game that i dont even care if they get swept by san antonio, just going to the NBA finals is enough.
but man, i think they have a chance.

detroit's life? fucked.
next stop, san an-tone.



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