Friday, June 15, 2007

and now back to our regular programming...

so there it was, the 2007 nba finals, your cleveland cavaliers swept by the san antonio spurs with the deathblow coming at the Q. to me game 4 was almost a complete clone of game 3 what with the cavs playing some good D, staying in the game, but not keeping leads when they got them, and somehow just not making shots (seriously how many bricked layups did they have in the last 2 games? not counting anderson's "hand of god" layup in game 3). z, though playing pretty inspired in the last 2 games, also looked slower than ever, and lebron just fell apart in those last couple of minutes.
they got owned by the spurs plain and simple. shit just wasnt meant to be.
i still dont really know what im talking about, so ill just stop. steve should be making another appearance soon with his post-game/series thoughts as well as his views on the offseason.
until then...
the onion's got a good article abaout the cavs championship run, and's got footage of lebron's post game press conference, which has a pretty amazing ending. i expect it to appear in highlight reels if/when they win it all... yeah. no more cavs, no more playoffs, but its the summer time and lord knows summer time means fun time. FYL reunites to DJ HATE JAMS 07 at touch in cleveland july 14th, so mark you calendars.

it just sucks that ive gotta wait until november to hear my dad say "boobie" again.



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