Monday, February 04, 2008

superbowl recap?

it was a good game and i must say that i was glad to see the giants win, not because i live in new york but because i tend to root for the underdog and i am currently choosing the opposition in all sporting events involving boston teams.
the seemingly unstoppable patriots juggernaut was stopped by eli manning. who knew? and the old adage of "defense wins games" seemed to be pretty evident last night as golden boy was sacked 5 times.
there were no riots in the streets of new york, at least not in bushwick or fort greene, though i did see footage of people going buck wild in times square on the news. me? i wore a browns jacket all night.

it was an odd night of television though (a game with the patriots having a score of 17-14? with the patriots losing?), starting with fox shoving some more ryan seacrest down your throat by having do red carpet interviews. and then fox had some russel crowe narrated montage that gave howie and jimmy "chills". and then they showed this:

now i love the declaration of indendence as much as the next red blooded american, but it was kinda weird, mainly because of the grade school educational video-esque parts with the dudes dressed up in old tymey costumes. if it was just the reading of the document by NFL greats, fine. that wouldve been ok, boring, but ok. but that shit with the fake thomas jefferson and them all going "HUZZAH!" was just plain bush league. hilariously bush leage..

the commercials were so-so this year, with coke (the one with the parade balloons) and doritos (the one with the mouse beating up that dude, not the one with the girl playing the guitar) being my non-moving related favorites. however, the weirdness continued when we all had the pleasure of watching this ignorant ass commercial:

seriously, what the fuck.

oh and tom petty and the heartbreakers playing the halftime show...not bad. i mean, not the most mindblowing thing ever, but it couldve been much much worse. i love "american girl" and "free fallin", ill admit it.

kissing suzy kolber is having a field day with this at the expense of pats fans, but with hilarious results.

and now, even though i know this game might not have gone the way that others on this blog wanted, i think theres consolation in this for all of us (uh, well mike and i) in knowing that the bumming out of randy moss and tom brady has brought the number of browns in the pro bowl to to six.

oh, and buffalo chicken dip? amazing.



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