Monday, April 28, 2008

Cavs/Wizards, Playoffs Round 1, 2008

So this is how Lenny felt all those years Jordan beat the Cavs...

It's been a pretty decent series so far what with a couple of blowouts alongside the down to the wire games that have become pretty common in the 3 year saga that is the Cavs and Wizards in round 1 of the the playoffs. And like a majority of those down to the wire games, the Cavs came out on top, much to the dismay of Brendan "I'M GOING TO STAND OVER YOU AND/OR HANG ON THE RIM WITH MY BALLS IN YOUR FACE FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES BECAUSE I AM AN INTIMIDATOR" Haywood, "What's Eating" Gilbert's Knees, Tuff Juice, Darius "Cream of" Songaila, Andray BLATCHE!, Caron...uh...Butler, DeShawn "At Least I've Got This Beard Growing Contest with DRU and that brunch date with Soulja Boy because I've got nothing else besides that maybe this grill and this black card which I probably dont have anymore please Lebron have mercy" Stevenson, and all the rest.

And to top it all off, Jigga Man recorded a DeShawn Stevenson diss track, which is both amazing and sad at the same time, mostly sad.

It is a best of 7 series (thanks Commissioner Stern!) and who knows, the Wiz-ards could mount a looney comeback and take the series...probably not.
To quote King James in regards to this happening:
"Do I think they can do it?" said James. "No."

Go Cavs.


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