Monday, March 03, 2008

driveby sports post

i knew it was over when he decided to cover up the "dru" tattoo

so the cavs made a trade huh?
i thought it was a good trade when it happened, and...well it takes a little while for these things to gel.
i dont have the luxury of watching the cavs all that often, but i did catch the game yesterday vs. the bulls, aka we all used to play together, remember?, and i think mike tiricho put it best when he said it wasnt the most aesthetically pleasing game, but it wasnt horrible either. there were obvious rough spots (especially on defense), but you could see the chemistry starting to come together, and guys getting more comfortable (wally world).
however, there was one weird moment yesterday: after lebron decided to activate beast mode and lay down that monster dunk in the last 4 minutes, when he lands he appears to stare down poor delonte west, his new point guard. check for yourself at about the 53 second mark:

and delonte just put his head down in shame. i honestly think that both lebron and delonte still arent used to being on the same team, and they had a flashback of this:

ok so its more of me just imagining things, but its funnier if you look at it that way. anyways, its honestly nice to see larry and drew do well somewhere else, but its also nice to see that somewhere else lose when they play the cavs. the new look cavs have had the luxury of playing some pretty crappy teams as of late, which is obviously a good thing in terms of getting things together. however, these constant injuries are not good things. anderson's back, but sasha is still out, as is gibson, and now z's out for 2 weeks with back pain. it's the curse of larry hughes. either way, im going to be pretty pumped when this team is at 100% again, and they take that shit into the playoffs.

so the cavs make that "blockbuster" trade, and now phil savage is wheeling and dealing like there's no tomorrow. now i guess this isnt that crazy seeing how he's made some pretty big deals every year for the past 3 or 4 years, but this off-season seems especially wild. first he resigns jamal lewis and derek anderson, then he picks up green bay's corey williams and detroit's shaun "i am gonna grope the hell out of that stripper" rogers to bolster the defensive line, and then he signs donte stallworth to a 20 year contract worth about $80 billion, $10 mil guranteed (the $10 mil part is factual). all of this and all they had to give up was leigh bodden and their 2nd and 3rd round draft picks. im glad to see that every year phil addresses the big problems, and the browns' run defense was a major problem. however i dont know how i feel about not having draft picks in the first 3 rounds, but as phil put it, he believes the guys he picked up couldnt have been picked up in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft, but we'll see.

SI's Peter King gives you a nice brief rundown on phil's free agency bonanza here.

all this, and spring training's started! and the tribe made no big deals in the off season, and to be honest, i liked that move. i trust in mark shapiro and the belief that last season made an already good team ever better, and this season should be it. it's the same reason i dont mind CC saying that hed rather talk about his contract after the season, like hes saying "fuck it, i want to see if we can win it all this year, then we'll see how much im worth".

all in all, the cleveland sports world will be very very interesting for the next year, and will be even more interesting next year when the cavs decide to sign chris paul.




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