Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentines day ladies...

Usher feat Young Jeezy - Love in the Club

happy valentines day....usually a pretty miserable day in my opinion whether you're dating someone or not...not to rain on everyone's parade so i figured i'd share this with yall....this is the new usher and jeezy single that will drop soon. fuck, i hate to say it but damn this is so good, the new my love but more up my alley...i'm thinking this will be one of the songs of 2008 for sure and i'll probably hate it in not so long...i feel like whatever happens today you can listen to this and feel alright about today....that being said, don't sleep on buu's post below this, if you never got that ratatat remix record when it came out, it is dope and definitely check it out....also valentines appropriate check my fucking boyfriend reedit below that and let me know what you think! have fun doggies....

Utada Hikaru - Loving You (OG RON C chopped and screwed edit)

later sweethearts!


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